Flexible, Printed and Laminated Packaging

Multi layer complex, united by solventless glue lamination or extrusion, guarantee a good protection of alimentary products and an optimization of the total quantity of packaging material. Printing is made by flexography or rotogravure, according to customer’s demands.

Finnco Packaging is actively searching for new raw materials, such as biopolymers. The material is delivered in reels and sheets.

Paper coated with PE (1 side) ::: Paper coated with PE (2 sides) ::: Paper coated with PP ::: Films coated with Polymers ::: Complex of Aluminium/Paper ::: Complex multi layer films

Concerning barriers for rigid packaging, we produce paperboard packages for frozen fish, paperboard boxes for fresh fish, salmon or pastry trays, packages for precooked food heated in  microwave ovens.

We use polymer extrusion for all of these applications.

Kraft coated with PE ::: Paper and cardboard coated with PP ::: Complex with PET ::: Metallized complex