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What we do is present on the day-to-day of millions of people. We don’t make merely packages. We make solutions for the future.

Flexible, printed
and laminated

– Paper coated with PE (1 side and 2 sides), Paper coated with PP, Films coated with Polymers, Aluminium / Paper laminate, laminated multi layer films
– Kraft coated with PE, Paper and cardboard coated with PP, laminate with PET, Metallized laminate
Rigid and alimentary packaging

Multi layer complex, united by solventless glue lamination or extrusion

Packaging for frozen or precooked food, cardboard boxes for fresh fish, fast food trays

Paper Industry Wrappers and Technical Laminates

– Paper coated with PE for A4, A3 & folios, complex with PP / Paper, PP monofilms, Flexo printing, Gravure printing, Paper Kraft coated with PE

In order to guarantee a good finishing performance, each copy paper ream demands a moisture barrier. A perfect flatness is required in the packaging line, which can wrap up to 180 reams per minute.


Nonwoven coated with PE
Tissue Paper coated with PE
Anti slip paper
Waterproof laminate